ecobee Wrap Terms of Service

Terms of Service

SupremeVue makes no representations or guarantee’s around the performance of our application and related services. Your continued use of the application represents your acceptance of these terms.

For paid users, ecobee wrap provides the ability to store reports in Google’s Cloud. Your use of this service is entirely voluntary and SupremeVue provides no additional protections or services for this service. Your information is protected via a standard login authentication mechanism provided by Google and not shared with SupremeVue. As a result, SupremeVue can not provide direct assistance in gaining access to information or details that are not directly related to ecobee Wrap.

Further, SupremeVue provides no guarantees around data protection or availability for ecobee Wrap information that is stored. Please be aware that no personal information is stored and only information you have requested be stored is saved. Refer to our privacy policy for further information.